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Ringette Walapais has been training the skating and ringette for children, girls and women already since 1981 in Vantaa. Being one of the oldest ringette clubs in Finland, Ringette Walapais has long-term traditions in organizing the skating schools in Vantaa.

Active and positive training in skating

Our active and awarded skating schools are held in Myyrmäki and Tikkurila. Our instructors are trained to coach and supported by assisting instructors who typically have a backgroud in ringette.


Our skating schools receive every year a lot of positive feedback both from the participants and their parents. Walapais’s skating school got a recognition of the Ringette School of the year in the Season 2019-2020. Ringette Walapais has received the same recognition also earlier in the Season 2007-2008.


Learn to skate, meet new friends and come to try girls’ fast ice sport ringette! First three times are for free!


You are warmly welcome to skate and play ringette in Walapais!

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