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Ringette Walapais has been training the skating and ringette for children, girls and women in Vantaa already for 40 years, since 1981. Being one of the oldest ringette clubs in Finland, Ringette Walapais has long-term traditions in organizing the skating schools in Vantaa.


Learn to skate, meet new friends and come to try girls’ fast ice sport ringette! You will, for sure, learn to skate in our skating schools in Myyrmäki and Tikkurila!


It is easy to start with a new hobby in the skating school. In Ringette Walapais we have:


Any and all – despite of the level of former skating skills – may register in our skating schools. This includes also children and teenagers who potentially have never before been on the ice, we mean ever. You too are warmly welcome to join in.

Skating school is easy to join

To join to the skating school, you need just an suitable outdoor clothing for exercise in an Ice Hall environment, skates (figure skates are fine in the beginning, too), helmet (a cycling helmet is fine in the beginning, too) and warm gloves.

Please read more about the equipment for the skating school below

Be brave and join us! It is easy to join our welcoming group!

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In the skating school you will learn to skate, gain new friends and get to know girls’ own, joyful and fast-paced ice sport ringette.


You will learn the basic skills of skating in a group, in a playful environment, by the use of different kind of tracks and small games. You will learn to skate, get to know how to handle a ringette stick and how to control a ringette ring.

Skating benefits in many ways 

Skating boosts the learning of skills required in sports in a very versatile manner and develops e.g. balance and agility. In the skating school you also learn to interact in a group and take others into account.

We hope that skating and moving on the ice is fun for you. We want you to learn new things and enjoy numerous successes in the skating school. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for us that you want to learn to skate and you feel that it is fun to be in the skating school!

Skating supports growth and development

Physical training has a huge importance for a child’s health and wellbeing. It supports positively the child’s growth and development. As a sport club, we want to support an active lifestyle from the childhood onwards. Our club’s mission is to create the prerequisites and encourage towards lifelong will to move and do sports.


All 4-10 year old girls and boys as well as
11-16 year old girls and women with youthful mind may register for our skating schools – despite of their level of their former skating skills. This may very well be your very first time skating and on ice and it is perfectly fine!

You are definitely not the first one to start skating from zero. Along the years we've had numerous children who have just wanted to come to skating school and then learned how to skate.

The youngest children who have started in the skating school have been three years old. So do not hesitate and just register for the skating school!


During past seasons there have been a group of cheerful 4 to 12 year old children, future ringette players in our two skating schools.


If someone wants to move from the skating school to a ringette team, it is possible. It is up to each child’s own wishes, skills and age. The youngest players in the ringette team are five years old. We are able to provide girls of any age with a team.

For boys we have several good options to choose from, after the skating schools and after the basic skating skills have been learnt. We do fluent co-operation with local and regional Bandy and Ice Hockey Clubs.

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Equipment in a skating school

In the beginning you only need suitable (outdoor) clothing to do sports in an Ice Hall environment, the skates, neck guard and warm gloves – and good mood, too.


You may also use your cycling helmet in the beginning, but we recommend using a hockey helmet with a grill mask typically used when doing sports and playing on ice.


You may also use figure skates in the skating school, but for learning to skate we recommend the skates without sharp angles at the front and with enough support for a child’s ankle. The best skates for learning to skate are the right-sized hockey skates with laces.

Skates that are sharp and of right size

The skates with the right size support ankles and heels. When the toes are lightly touching the tip of the skate, there should be enough room for one finger between the heel and the skate shoe. Do not leave any room for growth! It is also possible to find used, 2nd-hand, good-enough skates. Try always the skates in your child’s feet before acquiring new or used skates.

Parents should ensure that the child’s skates are sharp enough. Both sides of the blade need to be and should feel sharp.

The laces should be rather loose above the toes, tight around the ankle and again loose on top of the skate shoe. It should be possible to put a finger between the shoe and the foot. While the skates are laced up, the child should also be able to squat down so, that the heels won’t rise to the air from the ground.

A neck guard is needed, too. During the very first times in the skating school we may borrow our club’s neck guards, before you buy your own one. During the free trial period (3 sessions) we borrow also a ringette stick. Remember to dress so that it is easy to move on the ice. The ice rink is not so cold, so please do not wear thicker winter clothes.

What if you are a nervous about coming to the skating school for the very first time?


Don’t worry! We don't bite! Just be brave and come to try how it feels to have skates on the ice and use a ringette stick with a ring.


If you wish, on the very first time you can also just come to the side of the ice rink to see what we do in the skating school. That is perfectly fine by us and you are welcome to do so.

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Good-enough equipment in the skating school are a helmet, skates, neck guard and warm gloves.


It is possible to acquire used skates and other equipment both within our club and from the shops with knowledgeable sellers. When acquiring the equipment, it is also worth of familiarizing with available equipment in the Facebook groups of used ringette equipment:

Walapais' 2nd hand gear marketplace 
Ringette flea market

Also, our chairman and other officers of our club are happy to advise and assist you in acquiring the equipment with a reasonable price.


There is available a small guide for ringette equipment to help acquiring equipment when moving from a skating school to a team (available only in Finnish):

Small guide to the ringette equipment jungle (only in finnish).

Length of a ringette stick

A right-sized ringette stick is up to a child’s armpit when the child is standing without the skates or up to a child’s sternum when standing with the skates on. The stick above the child’s armpit when having the skates on, is too long and prevents learning the right stick technique.

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Skating school for 3-9 year old children in Myyrmäki:

On Sundays
(3rd of September 2023 onwards)
at 16:30 – 17:30

in Myyrmäki ice rink 1,

Raappavuorentie 10,

01600 Vantaa

Skating school for 4-10 year old children in Tikkurila: 

On Wednesdays

(30th of August 2023 onwards)
at 18:00 – 19:00
in Trio Areena’s training ice rink,

Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie 52-54,

01300 Vantaa

See also skating school for 11-16 year old girls and for women with youthful mind


It is mandatory to register for skating school in advance, so that we are able to reserve a sufficient amount of coaches and assistant instructors on the ice in advance.

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You may come to a skating school for three (3) sessions times for free (free trial period). You may come to Myyrmäki or Tikkurila skating school.


After three sessions, a monthly fee of the skating school is 25 EUR.


In addition to the monthly fee there is the club’s season fee (2 x 30 EUR) invoiced twice during the skating school season (September – April).

The skating school fees include:

Aktia Children’s Skating School is sponsored by Aktia foundation (Aktiasäätiö in Finnish).

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The skating school season is from the beginning of September until the end of April. You may join the skating school at any point of time during the season.


At the end of the skating school season there is typically a traditional ringette school tournament. For many skating school participants, the tournament is the highlight of the season as it is possible to show the new skills, which have been learned in the skating school and enjoy successes in real games with other ringette/skating schools.

For girls it is possible to move from the skating school to a ringette team already during the season or in the beginning of the next season. 

For boys we can offer several good options after skating school. Either in Bandy or in Hockey Teams, with whom we do continuous co-operation. That is because currently there are no ringette teams available for boys to compete in Finland

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Welcome to register for Ringette Walapais’s skating school! If there are more than one child joining, please register them separately.


With this form you can register the mandatory information. We need the information, so that we can reserve sufficient amount of coaches and assistance for children on the ice and to communicate about possible changes etc. if any need.

To Myyrmäki or Tikkurila

Disclaimer. To be able to participate in our skating school, the child has to be able to stand without support on ice on own OR guardian has to come to ice help with skates and helmet on to support through the class.

Starting level of the child
I prefer to be communicated in

*By registering I agree that my child's/teenager's name as well as my own name, email address and phone number (as a guardian ) might be visible to the persons administrating the management tool SuomiSport. In case I would during skating school gain access to similar information on other skating school participants, I will handle that information with proper 

Thank you for your registration!
We will contact you via e-mail.

No information about the skating school registrations is disclosed as such outside the club, but it is available only for the officers of the club (Ringette Walapais ry).

Please read more from the privacy notice for the register of the skating school registrations (only in Finnish).

You may read more about the tool used for managing the skating school events (Nimenhuuto) from the privacy notice for the register of the event management (only in Finnish).

If you have any questions about the skating schools, please send them via email to or by using the form above.


If you have any questions about the data privacy, pls contact:


Tiina Utriainen, children’s Skating School in Myyrmäki
Katariina Jyrkkärinne, children's in Tikkurila

Mika Kainulainen, Skating School coordinator

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