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During the season 2023 – 2024 Walapais’s Womens’ team participates in the Womens’ C-level series within Southern Finland’s region. The team has trainings once a week:


On Mondays 7th of August
In the ice rink 2 in Myyrmäki,

Raappavuorentie 10,

01600 Vantaa


During the season 2023 – 2024 the monthly fee of the team is 40 EUR. In addition to the monthly fee there is the club’s membership fee (8 EUR) and a season fee (50 EUR) invoiced once during the season (August – April).




Team leader: Tiia Lindfors

Team leader: Ella Jauhiainen

Women's team is seeking more players. So if you are interested in playing in our team, please send an email to: 


You are warmly welcome to join in!


t. Ringette Walapais N

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