Supporter membership is an important way to support our ringette club. Supporter membership is a form of membership for grand parents, godparents and to all of those, who want to support the players in our teams and the children in our skating schools.

By joining our club as a supporter member, you enhance in a concrete way the opportunities for children, youth and girls’ to have skating and ringette as a hobby in Vantaa.

As a supporter member you enable our cause and support our club

All the income from our supporter members and from our supporter products we allocate directly to the operational costs of the club.

Ringette Walapais uses the supporter membership income to the mutual club equipment acquisitions, to renew player and training jerseys and to the costs of our ice shifts.

To enable joy of sport for children and for youth, to enable successes on ice and to encourage towards life-long athleticism – are all reasons, why we as a club and as volunteers do all this work for our club.

Supporter membership is a tangible way to enable fulfillment of these goals.


For the Season 2019-2020, we as a club have commonly agreed, that as a counterpart for your supporter membership – you’ll receive a fine, practical and trendy textile bag.

This way you’ll carry and show our colors, let your support show daily, increase awareness of ringette as a sport and make a sustainable choice ie. for grocery store trip.

The cost of supporter product and simultaneously the cost of supporter membership is 10 € for the Season 2019-2020.



The children and youth enjoying skating and ringette in our club will get encouragement and positive feedback from teammates and coaches.

Additionally players will become delighted, when there are grandparents, godparents, friends and siblings following and cheering at the games.

So let your support show and let your cheer be heard at the stands. You’ll find all the games, dates and venues of all the games of our teams from the 2019-2020 Game Calendar.



To register for supporter membership is really simple. Contact the player you want to support and she’ll deliver you the link, where you can register as a supporter member.

As an alternative, you can send us a direct e-mail and register as a supporter member via attached link below.


Skate in a good company!

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