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Skate in a good company!

When you want to learn how to skate, want to try ringette or want to join our positive club as a player or as a coach – contact us.

We spend often a lot of time at the Ice Halls and for us it is important, that you feel that we are easily approachable. Let us help you to find a great hobby and a family-like community to support it. You’ll find all the club personnel and officers on this page.

Niina Koljonen

chairwoman of the Club

gsm. 0505431720

Marja Leena Pinomaa

administration, head of skating school coaching


Tiina Utriainen

marketing and communication

Teemu Koljonen

director of training and player development

Mika Kainulainen

skating school coordinator, Myyrmäki & Tikkurila

Hanna Kontio

skating school coordinator, Myyrmäki

Elina Ulvinen

Junior team G

Marnet Mölder

Junior team F

Niina Koljonen

Junior team E

Tiia Lindfors / Ella Jauhiainen

women's team


Womens' team


Welcome to register in Ringette Walapais’s skating school! If there are more than one child joining, please register them separately.


With this form you can register the mandatory information, so we can reserve sufficient amount of coaches on the ice in advance and to communicate about possible changes etc. if any need.

To Myyrmäki or to Tikkurila

Disclaimer. To be able to participate in our skating school, the child has to be able to stand without support on ice on own OR guardian has to come to ice help with skates and helmet on to support through the class.

Starting level
I prefer to be communicated in

*By registering I agree that my child's/teenager's name as well as my own name, email address and phone number (as a guardian ) might be visible to the persons administrating the management tool SuomiSport. In case I would during skating school gain access to similar information on other skating school participants, I will handle that information with proper confidentiality.

Thank you for your registration!
We will contact you via e-mail

No information about the skating school registrations is disclosed as such outside the club, but it is available only for the officers of the club (Ringette Walapais ry). ​

Please read more from the privacy notice for the register of the skating school registrations (only in Finnish).​

You may read more about the tool used for managing the skating school events (Nimenhuuto) from the privacy notice for the register of the event management (only in Finnish).

If you have any questions about the skating schools, please send them via email to: or by form above.


If you have any questions about the data privacy or anything else in your mind, please send an email to :




Mika Kainulainen, Skating school co-ordinator, Tikkurila and Myyrmäki

Marja Leena Pinomaa, Skating schools in Tikkurila and Myyrmäki

Niina Koljonen, Teenagers’ skating school

Myyrmäen Jäähalli,
Raappavuorentie 10,
01600 Vantaa

Tikkurilan Areena,
Valkoisenlähteentie 52-54,
01300 Vantaa

Ringette Walapais - skate in a good company!

Ringette Walapais ry
Raappavuorentie 10, 01600 Vantaa
VAT: 1891937-3

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Junior team G

Junior team F
Junior team E

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