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We are a encouraging ringette club of fair play. Everyone has the right to receive encouraging feedback and to experience feelings of success on the ice

Through our actions as a ringette club, we enable children, girls and women to learn to skate on the ice and play ringette, both as a recreational sport and also on a aspiring competitive level.

Everyone should have a equal right to be on the ice, both in practice and in games

See archive material from the finnish national TV, in the attached video ’Junior ringette in Myyrmäki’ from back in 1994. Still after all these years, even today we can fully endorse and repeat word-for-word every single word, which Mr. Jussi Voutilainen says on the video.

As a ringette club, we strongly believe in co-operation, sincerity and transparency. As a club we are always open for dialogue and for new opportunities to collaborate.


Best insight about our ringette club, you can gain by reading our Blog. In the Blog you can find stories written by our coaches, club members and players' parents - all of who actively participate and contribute to the volunteer work of our ringette club. 

So enter and get familiar with our Blog:
Writings from inside and outside the rink'. So far only in finnish, but hey - Google Translate is invented and we will see what happens in the future regarding the language versions of our Blog. ;) Maybe. 

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Every child is unique and possesses unique skills. It might be difficult sometimes to realize these skills on your own and at times one might feel weaker and inferior to others. At times it might be challenging to figure out, that you don’t have to be the best, the fastest or the most agile - to be essential part of the team.

Therefore as a ringette club, we feel that identifying and recognizing individual strengths is extremely important.  This is an area, where we put in a lot of effort as a club. It is a lot easier to enstrengthen individual- and team-level strengths and to encourage and it also bears better results - than ”fixing” weaknesses.

Safe and supporting environment to play ringette

This means, that every child is given encouraging feedback about her efforts and about the development of her skills. We guide the children forward in the areas, where they are strong. Via our actions as a ringette club, we create safe and encouraging environment to evolve further in skating and in ringette.

We believe in an positive, encouraging and supportive atmosphere, where we enable success and where we do not fear failure either. That way we can create the best possible environment for the continuous development of our players, people working for our club and for the favorable development for both the sport as a bigger whole and of our club.

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As a ringette club we feel that it is important, that through our actions, we enable positive feelings and genuine joy of sports for children and for teenagers as part of their daily lives.

It is our goal, that as many children and teenager as possible, can find a pleasant sport via our club and a natural way to move and do sports.

We do not want to only create positive experiences in sports, but also to build up individuals and encourage – that everyone involved with our club can feel accepted. Every single child and teenager deserves to be appreciated, accepted and important - just as they are.

Social skills, being a team member and empathy

Although on practical level we do teach skating and ringette, as a ringette club we feel that our mission is much more bigger than that.
As a club we teach through our actions: social skills, what it means to be a member of a team and empathy towards others. Life-long athleticism is the bigger goal in everything we do. That goal isn’t even tied to professional athleticism or to the sport of ringette. We raise children and teenagers how to build up healthy self-esteem and when a child or a teenager gets the spark to move and that 'internal flame to do sports' lasts and grows ablaze on a life-long journey - then our mission as a club is fulfilled.

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Besides the genuine joy of sports, we want to enable playing ringette with as reasonable costs as possible. We want to bust the myth, that ’it is inevitably expensive to have ice sports as a hobby’. Actually we have already proven that myth to be incorrect.

Advisory regarding the costs

Through our actions, we have proven in practice, that having a hobby for child or for teenager - can also bear reasonable costs. So if you are interested in ringette as a sport or you are pondering if there might be a new hobby in our club for your child – but you are thinking about the costs – please contact our staff.

We gladly open all the costs in advance and can also advise you in how we can keep the costs as reasonable as possible for you in the future too. Simultaneously we can guide and advise you, in all of the different means in how we can enable and support the skating and playing ringette for your child.

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When you want to learn to skate, want to try ringette or you want to join us as a player or a coach – just contact us.

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